Lions Lead

You would have to say "Yes" to Jesus in order for you to say "no" to the world.

Pierced by your loving gaze.

Cry…. Who me? Never!!

I use to be like that guy, but nowadays as was the case this morning, with tears in my eyes I just stood listening to the following song sung by Michael W. Smith “Deep in Love with You”. This is one of my favourites, a song I never grow tired off. It just touches my heart in the most tender and loving way.

Usually my tears start flowing uncontrollably at the following lyrics……

“I’m deep in love with You, Abba Father

I’m deep in love with You Lord

My heart, it beats for You, precious Jesus

I’m deep in love with You Lord”

…..but, this morning the Holy Spirit opened up the most amazing lyrics. In the beginning of the song where is says “…. enamoured by your gaze” I received this vision of Jesus gazing over at me, with tender, loving and focussed eyes.

Definition: Enamouredin love with, taken with, charmed by, fascinated by, entranced by, fond of, enchanted by, captivated by, enthralled by, smitten with, besotted with, bewitched by, crazy about (informal), infatuated with, enraptured by, wild about (informal), swept off your feet by, nuts on.

Let me try and make you understand, you remember that first time that awesome guy or girl you were interested in, looked at you and I do mean, really looked at you and for a split second it’s almost like you had the same thought racing through your mind “I LOVE YOU”, your heart beats faster, your excitedly nervous, butterflies, the whole shebang. Well the feeling is like that, just more intense.

I see Jesus, His tender eyes looking at me and I just know I am loved and it’s a love I can never lose. I come to realise that He loves me so intensely; it feels like His gaze pierces my inner being, He knows everything about me and still His love for me, for you, is unending and it will consume us if we just let it. He wants our hearts, He will take our pain and show us a love so piercing, our beings will collapse, because of the glory.

Do you want to know the irony in all this?

Let me tell you, that once you have tasted, seen and felt just a little of this love you will want more and more and then you will want others to experience that same love, that same person, Jesus Christ.

If you want to, go listen to the song, it’s so powerful, close your eyes and take in every word, receive from the Holy Spirit. Then GO….. Help others to experience the love Jesus has for them.

…. and remember Lions Lead.

Jos 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”


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8 thoughts on “Pierced by your loving gaze.

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  2. I just love the comparison you gave when you first locked eyes with that guy or girl you adored, I actually envisioned the love I have for Jesus and the love I have for the Father. What a blessing it is to have the gift of writing and expression! We can share our love for the Father with one another through wordpress!

  3. This is by Far my favourite, your writing has been such a blessing to me. Once I have read the one I start looking forward to your next blog.

  4. You think like I think…..I love Jesus…so much…and I’m not afraid to say it!!!

    I’ll glad you’re not either!! God bless you!

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