Lions Lead

You would have to say "Yes" to Jesus in order for you to say "no" to the world.

To create or not to create ?

Question ….  Do we really have a choice or is it one of those inevitable things, it just happens, maybe without you even knowing it, we create as we go along? Let’s look at the word and then I’ll try and explain myself.


  • to cause to exist;
  •  bring to being;
  •  to give rise to;
  • to produce through artistic or imaginative effort.

So if I understand it definition correctly, in my own words:  Something that wasn’t, now is ….

Every single day is new & has it’s own creative potential, every day brings new situations we can be creative in, today is never the same as yesterday. Uuuhhhhmmmm…… That sounds sooo exciting if you think about it, almost a new adventure every single day and you don’t even have to climb a high and dangerous mountain. Awesome!! So what I’m realizing is that we are the HEROES, the adventurers of our very own story. Everyday taking on new challenges or call them adventures. How do You feel about that, makes me excited!!!Hie hie hie……..

Now, if you talk to people around you , they would probably say that they aren’t very creative & that they have no imagination ….. You’ve heard it right? Personally I think they are just scared of what people might say about what they have created. Joyce Meyer would say this:”Because you feel fear, doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Do it afraid.“ But what if, what you created is PERFECT & other people just don’t understand what & why you created this. We know people criticize and break down every & anything they don’t understand. So the fault in actual fact lies with them.

I situation like this has so much creative potential don’t you think? Right about now you are thinking to yourself this guy is crazy.

Let’s sketch a scenario: You just created something that looks like an Ipad, works like a blender, sounds like a clock, but in actual fact is a cutting board, what a creation you think by yourself. Very eager you show your new creation to a friend & before you can explain it this person starts pulling your creation to pieces verbally, you feel as though you never want to create another thing for as long is you still breathe, from there on you tell yourself you can’t & that you have no imagination.

Sad don’t you think, but let’s rewind, let’s say your friend gives you time to explain your new creation  & he/she still doesn’t understand , but praises you for your effort & creativeness in putting something like this together. My question to you? Come on it’s easy! Would you think about creating something again? YEEEESSSSSS, of course you would. Hie hie hie …..

Potential to create is everywhere and especially in your tongue. Creation isn’t just physical, but emotional as well, you can build up or break down, create life or death. In the first scenario death & in the second LIFE.

God created the earth by what He spoke!!Genesis 1:3 God said: “Let there be light” and there was light. We were created perfect, in God’s image. God gives us creative power every day. It doesn’t have to be something physical like a painting, a sculpture, etc. It can be in your words, your actions. You choose to be the HERO in your story & maybe daily in someone else who needs a Hero. They may need a smile, to cheer them up, a positive word to bring life to their new creation or a hug so they don’t feel so alone. Jesus came and created salvation, which we so desperately needed, a new life and creation in Him. We now have His Spirit! We create every day.

I’ll ask you again as in the beginning, do you really have a choice if you create or not? No, you don’t!! The only choice you do have is whether you create life of death.

My choice? LIFE


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